Cluster Leadership

The Cluster Leadership is made up of volunteers on rotating two-year terms.  Some members are currently serving longer than two years, and some are serving in more than one role.  If you are interested in serving in leadership, please contact the Cluster Director, or speak to the leader in the role you are interested in to get more information. 

Cluster Officers: 

  • Spiritual Director: Rev. Patrick Friday  
  • Cluster Director: Liz Walker 
  • Assistant Cluster Director: Stephen Milstead 
  • Music Director: Roger Short 
  • Agape Chair: Beth Menke / Julie Townley 
  • Follow-up Chair: Heather Biciste 
  • Sponsorship Chair: Gene Ingram 
  • 72-Hour Prayer Vigil Coordinator: Stephen Milstead 
  • Team Selection: Roxann Edsall (2022-2023) and Jack Bailey (2023-2024)
  • Alabama Emmaus Board Rep: 2023 Board Reps for our cluster grouping are Julie English (2022-2023) and Denise Cone (2023-2024).